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Mirage Rarity Analytics

Diving Deep[Mirage NFT Rarity Analytics]

Mirage rarity tool as shared before not only allows people to easily sift through entire collections but also lets you see the analyze the collection as whole along with different search bars, and unique super quick filterings and easy to use drop downs. Along with us, super easy to understand rarity rankings.
Let’s dive a little bit deeper into explaining the tool to all novice, intermediate and advanced users alike. We have divided the tool into 3 phases trying to replicate a user’s journey across the product.

Phase 1: Home Page

Mirage Home Page (Page 1)
  1. Get Listed[For NFT Projects]: This option is for all NFT projects on Oasis to go through listing procedure on Mirage rarity. A simple, understandable google form which allows for super quick onboarding of nft collection.
  2. Explore Oasis NFT Collection[For Users]: Look out for your favorite project or Explore all the different collections (Some are bound to catch your eyes like our beloved Oasis Cactus). You can also use the search bar on top to quickly reach the collection page.

Phase 2: Collection Page

After clicking a certain collection, Mirage rarity lets you dig deeper into a specific collection. For our experiment, we chose Oasis Cactus we all dearly love, Oasis own unique CCO Art collection aesthetically drawn by Mirage.

Collection Page
  1. Sort by id: Selecting sort by id publishes the entire collection following the original id’s. Oasis Cactus #1, Oasis Cactus #2 etc
  2. Sort by Rarity: Sort by rarity categorizes the entire collection into ranking led by the rarest of nfts to least rare.
Filter Categorization (For Oasis Cactus Collection)

Phase 3: Particular Image/NFT/art

Mirage rarity allows collectors to dig deep into each individual art pieces breaking down different aesthetics and traits. 🌵
Mirage rarity also assigns individual scores to each trait within the collection which allows users to see how total score is calculate.

Oasis Cactus #22
  1. Oasis x # 22 : Understand the collection id number of particular NFT
  2. Rarity Score: Combined scores gathered from all the different traits
  3. Traits: List of all traits part of the art along with scores.
  4. Similar Button: Super quick and efficient way to find other nft’s in the collection who might have similar clubbing of traits.
  5. Trade Button: A button to take you directly to Metamirror website, more websites and direct links will soon be launched.

How Rarity score is exactly calculated ?

Before digging dip into the specific formulae we use to calculate rarity, it is vital to understand what rarity rankings fundamentally aim to do. Imagine, there are group of 3 friends who have now a task to make the best use of his money by choosing the most unique fruit. Now to a naked eye, just for 2 fruits we can see how many different types of purchases can be done -

Trouble finding the best deal ????

Note: Rarity is not Everything

Art is and has always been subjective, and there are multiple ways NFT and art collectors reckon a collections worth.



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