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Oasis Mirage
5 min readApr 4, 2022


What is Mirage ?

Mirage is aimed at building best in class, scalable and extremely fun to use projects for the Oasis community. In the future, we want to grow Mirage into a community powerhouse where any project imagined is built and we truly believe Oasis is the best place to achieve this.

But Why Oasis ?

Oasis is one of the leading and immensely potential blockchain to lead the crypto wave. Emerald parachain launched just a few months ago has already grown tremendously. However, we are still in infancy and all of the projects on Oasis are just starting up. Defi = early , NFT = Super Early, Metaverse = Super Super early. We purposely choose Oasis to build the infrastructure from ground up and leverage all the amazing tech including parcel which Oasis has to offer.

Why we love NFT and its future?

With near instant settlement, low fees, and excellent support from Oasis foundation, it is easy to understand why NFT’s will become big part of Oasis Future. We are also super excited seeing data from our partner blockchains on what the future looks like for NFT ecosystem and how PFP collections native/original to ecosystem thrives. Lets see how after some time, we suddenly see huge spurt of growth on all other platforms Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.

NFT Growth charts (till March 2022)

Growth often comes in phases and takes time to build momentum. Dapps like Metamirror, Rosart on Oasis are playing a huge part in democratize NFT knowledge. Rosart breaks down barriers by their efficient drag, drop and compile solution making emerging artists not worry about blockchain tech when building NFT Collections. Oasis and particularly Rosart has setup excellent precedence by simplifying this big hurdle only helping more and more people test their curiosity via art. Long term : Bullllish!

So what is Mirage building ?

Our team wanted to build something different, unique which truly resonates with Oasis ecosystem. We wanted to capture emotion which showcases strength, rigidity, harshness yet beautiful art that thrives in warm ecosystem of Oasis — Cactus.
Ethereum has its apes, Avalanche has its penguins, FTM has its ghosts and Oasis will have its Cactus.
Introducing Oasis Cactus (Cacti) a pfp collection created using thoughtful traits, unique designs, algorithmically backed combinations and overall fun to look at.

Oasis Cacti

333 will be the total supply of Oasis Cactuses. Cacti will also be the first and only Collection till now on Oasis to adopt CCO License (Common creative license) permanently etched on-chain

CCO allows any person the right to use cacti as base to build their own business, build a derivative project ( hmmm Cacti-Penguins, Cactus-Pixel) without worrying about any trademark. To support this new innovative form on Oasis, Our team and everyone from cactus community will actively support passionate individuals with art advice, solutions for technical hurdles related to minting or art generation among other things. What do we get in return ? New derivative NFT drop should be free for all 333 genesis holders and built on top of Cacti. Learn more about CCO here

Mirage tries to do things different, Mirage wanted to make it possible for every Oasis user to easily claim Whitelist opportunity. Apart from WL giveaways, rewards, game nights and being active community member. Oasis Cactus whitelist can also be accumulated by owning 150 Million MRG tokens. We will also have a special opportunity for our Metamirror/AI Rose holders for a raffle.

What else is Mirage doing in NFT Space?

Crypto grew 1000x only when users had the ability to trade based on analytics (binance, coingecko, coinmarketcap). NFT’s on ethereum grew 100x once users realized rarity tools help them snap best deals, understand the NFT collection and check rarity scores, aesthetics, awesome offers, traits they love. So Mirage got started on building Mirage Rarity tool exclusive for Oasis NFT projects. Mirage Rarity tool will be easily available for all Oasis projects via MRG Token/Cactus NFT. No more rarities on pdf, discord servers, and google sheets. Sharing some sneak peaks of the upcoming platform :

Mirage Rarity Analytics ❤️

Note: Mirage Rarity in initial phases will have a slow release only for top projects, we will be on-boarding only 1 project at a time but as time goes we will open the product to more collections. Cacti collection will be launched as default 🌵

What are we excited about in future?

  1. Continued development of Mirage rarity tool with NFT Calendar.
  2. Partnering with all Oasis projects listed on Rarity to bring exclusive WL, giveaways to our cactus family.
  3. Metaverse expansion: We will be closely looking out for new Metaverse projects built on Oasis to build cactus universe.
  4. Most Importantly : Innovative use of CCO license by members representing true ownership.

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