Oasis Mirage Intensifies..

What is Mirage ?

But Why Oasis ?

Why we love NFT and its future?

NFT Growth charts (till March 2022)

So what is Mirage building ?

Oasis Cacti

What else is Mirage doing in NFT Space?

Mirage Rarity Analytics ❤️

What are we excited about in future?

  1. Continued development of Mirage rarity tool with NFT Calendar.
  2. Partnering with all Oasis projects listed on Rarity to bring exclusive WL, giveaways to our cactus family.
  3. Metaverse expansion: We will be closely looking out for new Metaverse projects built on Oasis to build cactus universe.
  4. Most Importantly : Innovative use of CCO license by members representing true ownership.



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