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3 min readApr 21, 2022


Story till now….

Mirage goes on to build a super cute, highly loved, greatly enjoyed, and algorithmically generated NFT collection called “ Oasis Cactus”. 333 CACTI’S are also Oasis’s first ever CCO license NFT drop.🌵

Mirage is also building an extensive Rarity Analytics Tool for Cacti and all Oasis NFT Projects to support the growing ecosystem leveraging $MRG Token for utility.
Apart from being a great tool for all NFT Projects and Oasis users, it will help Mirage build valuable relationships leading to collaborations, WL Opportunities, and Raffles among many other benefits for Oasis Cactus holders.
Learn more : Genesis Cactus NFT.

Why be a Cacti 🌵

  1. Oasis Cactus is a Mirage exclusive NFT collection for Oasis Emerald. Original, innovative and never before seen Pfp project. Who eventually survives in a desert ? Off-course a Cactus does.
  2. Oasis Cactus Genesis being only 333 in number also acts as a Honorary Pass granting access to all future innovative art works for Mirage team.
  3. Mirage Rarity tool — Along with access to all, Mirage will also closely collab with all past, present and future Oasis NFT Collections, all benefits in form of any giveaways, WL opportunity, NFT drops shared by partners. All to be raffled away to Cacti holders .
  4. $MRG token offers a unique way for passionate cacti’s to obtain WL, Free nft drop. Mirage Rarity tool will only be leveraging $MRG Token for any and all in-app utility. NFT collections can expedite Rarity listing by leveraging $MRG token. Details for partners coming soon..
  5. Being the first and only CCO License, everyone can build derivative products on top of Cactus and guess what, we will help you build it.
  6. Our first Major Partnerships — We will exclusively be working and adopting revolutionary MBuddy and MetaMirror. MetaMirror is giving users back control of their data, and helping you monetize data ( Detective Cacti tells us exclusive $MMT airdrop too) 💰 💰

Mirage Cactus x MetaMirror ???

Mirage firmly believes in empowering users with true ownership, total control of their assets in a decentralized world and web3 native identity. Interestingly enough, MetaMirror has and continues to make great strides for protecting user privacy, decentralized de-facto gallery, Audience Insights and future plans helping users monetize their own data. Who else to better partner for our 🌵 Cactus/Mirage family ? Presenting..

Mirage x MetaMirror

A peak into the Partnerships 🌵🌃

  1. MetaMirror & Mirage believe in rewarding community in a fruitful way. Mirage will be one of the earliest projects to integrate MBuddy space.
    Read more about past MBuddy experience for AI Rose HERE.
  2. Mirage Discord Members, Mirage Token Holders, and Mirage Followers on Twitter will all be an integral part of MBuddy platform. Mirage being early adopters of MBuddy, allows Mirage Cactus/Tokens holder with an opportunity to be eligible for MetaMirror($MMT) airdrop. 💸
  3. Oasis Cactus NFT Drop will be leveraging MLaunch for Mint day and MetaMirror Gallery for their secondary sales utilizing strong infrastructure already built by MetaMirror 💌.
  4. Our partnership also allows us to share 70 Whitelist opportunity for Metamirror/AI Rose holders to join the cactus family.
    Details on the raffle coming soon 😬 😬 and
    Learn more about the Cactus Collection Here🌵
  5. Mirage Rarity Tool also aims to become center of Oasis NFT projects helping them understand NFT rarities, calendarised drops, and specialized analytics, amongst various other features.
    As time passes and NFT ecosystem grows, we will look for ways to integrate Rarity tool within MBuddy itself.
  6. As we grow along with the ecosystem, all data, all tools and all of our products both at Mirage and MetaMirror is ultimately for the community. Have an idea ? Want to build a project, Want to contribute or have feedback to share?? Just contact us.

Mirage: Join the community on Discord , Stay up to date on Twitter🌵
MetaMirror: Join the community on Discord , Stay upto date on Twitter 🌃

All Love from us to our community 🌵 ❤️